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Why Boldking?

Unique BOLDKING blades


Easy to rinse clean

The wider spacing between the blades makes rinsing clean after each use easier than ever.

Replace with 1 click

The cartridge can be replaced with just 1 click.

Easy to hang up

Easy to hang up with the suction cup supplied.

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Less is more

By focusing on the essentials, our blades are almost half the price of other blades

Main brands

  • Retail
  • Expensive sponsorship agreements
  • Royalties
  • Extremely expensive patents
  • Endless features

total €21


  • Direct online sale
  • No-nonsense design
only €10

How it works

Welcome to the world of Boldking! You are only a few steps away from enjoyable and affordable shaving.

1. Select your programme

Do you shave everyday? Or just once a week? Choose the service that suits your needs with only a few clicks of the mouse.

2. Delivered to your doorstep

The products you buy will be delivered to your doorstep. Everything fits through the letterbox, so you won’t have to stay at home.

3. You're the boss

Cancel or pause your programme, or order more blades? All this can be done to suit you - even via your smartphone. You can cancel your service immediately, with no notice period or extra costs.

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Our packaging is made of cardboard and the blades are recycled into new metal and plastic.

Recycling envelope

Return your old blades in the Boldking recycling envelope. It can hold 12 used razor blades. Would you like to receive this envelope and start recycling? Just activate this option in your account or contact us.


Your old blades are taken apart and made into new metal and plastic. This is then used in the production of other products.

Minimum effort, cleaner oceans

With our recycling programme, we make sure there's less plastic waste. You can contribute to that by taking a short walk to the letter box.

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