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This natural deo stick will keep your pits fresh all day long. It’s healthy for them too. And it won’t destroy your favourite T-shirt. Stain-free. Aluminium-free. Care-free.

  • 100% vegan
  • Allergen-free perfume
  • No aluminium or alcohol
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€ 11,00
What's good?
No nasty ingredients.
Come on! Who puts alcohol or aluminium in their deo these days? Not us. We look after your armpits. Underarm safety for all!
The combo of the right natural ingredients helps to create a nourishing and bacteria-free environment for your little man caves.
Refreshing smell.
A friendly, low-key scent that stays with you all day long. Great for delicate skin and noses.

What's that smell? Scent. Perfume. Fragrance. Whatever you call it, we have different ones to choose from.
Smell warm and woody like you’ve been walking barefoot through the long, gentle grasses of the tropics. Well, maybe! It smells different for everyone and on everyone.
Smell fresh and sharp like you’ve just left the gym in a newly pressed suit. Well, sort of! The only true way to know what it smells like is... err to smell it.
Smell sweet and floral like you've been sunbathing under an orange blossom tree somewhere in Italy. But you gotta try it to really get that holiday feeling.

Werner August 2023
The deodorant is of a high standard. Smells nice but not overpowering and is the first in which I am free of odors for 24 hours.
Metthew June 2023
Their products are fantastic, especially the stick deodorant which smells alluring.
Tom July 2023
The blades and especially the deodorant are excellent!
Piet May 2023
Happy customer. Great stuff, happy with deodorant, razors and showerfoam!!!
Ole August 2023
The shaving products and deodorant are of good quality. I'm a fan!
Mr. Bouazzaoui November 2021
Good quality products for a reasonable price. I use the razor blades and the armpit deodorant that I have very good experiences with. Have used many deodorants but this one from boldking surpasses them all and will not use any other.

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