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Foaming Shave Gel

This friendly gel softens your stubble before shaving while also protecting your skin from razor bumps and upsets during shaving. It really is the key to an effortless shave.

  • 100% vegan
  • No SLS, parabens or alcohol
  • Powered by clean air. No harmfull gasses
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€ 8,50
Note: We’re working on new packaging so if you receive something that looks different from the one you see here. Don’t worry! It’s the same stuff, just a little cooler.
What's the difference?
The OG. Softens stubble and protects the skin. It gives the razor something to glide on during strokes because a better shave starts with good foam. It's a Boldking classic.
Same benefits as the Original with the added hydrating and protective anti-irritant Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate. It makes for a kinder foam giving a gentler start to your shave.
As good as the Original but with a warmer, woodier scent. Think freshly-cut football pitch on a summer day. Perfect for anyone who wants to smell something a little different as they start their shave.

What's good?
Softens your stubble and preps the skin to prevent irritation such as nasty razor bumps or ingrown hairs.
Packed with natural oils such as almond oil and prickly pear oil (yes, really!) to feed your skin while shaving, leaving it feeling hydrated. See all ingredients here.
Recyclable packaging.
Made from PET and powered by good clean air. Not harmful gases. It can be used in the shower or at your bathroom sink. And is completely recyclable, obviously.

Packaging Honest skincare products need honest packaging. So choosing Airopack’s air-pressurised dispenser made of recycled PET, was a no brainer for us.
Powered by clean air.
No harmfull gasses. Healthier for you, your bathroom routine and the environment.
Sustainable and transparent.
Made of clear recyclable PET so it’s easy to see how much you have used and when you need to restock and recycle.
360-degree spray.
Works at whatever angle you hold it and lets you get the most out of our product thanks to the handy piston.

Matthias May 2022
I am not exaggerating, but the razor and the shaving cream are so far the best I have ever used. The shaving cream has a great scent and spreads out evenly on your face.
Derri January 2023
The shaving foam smells great and leaves your skin feeling fantastic.
A. Ko February 2023
I like the shaving gel. It softens the skin and smells amazing! Keep up the great work! You have a true follower!
Leon June 2023
Phenominal blades and the shaving gel! The gel soothes the skin and the smell is great.
James June 2023
Shave gel and after shave are very good products.
Luke June 2023
Really love Boldking and the products! I am a big fan of how the shave gel, aftershave cream and shower foam smell. All round great products!