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The Boldking Razor. Shaving doesn’t have to begin and end with your face.
You’ve got hair everywhere! Our revolutionary razor has blades that bend,
twist, and adapt to the surface of your skin.
Flexible Follows the curves of your body
like a masseuse.
Extra Space. Easily rinse clean so you're done quicker.
Recyclable. Send us your used blades and we'll do the rest.
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Daniel Amsterdam 5.0
I don't run out of blades anymore thanks to the repeat programme. Easy to use blades that do the job perfectly. And can be recycled! Top product.
David London 5.0
Boldking is a revelation, I've been using the sensitive blades for a few months now and they are amazing, no cuts or bleeding at all!
Frank The Hague 5.0
Regular razor blades really pulled on my skin and irritated it. The Boldking razor makes it a lot easier without pulling, even with a short beard. And I love the 3 simple skin type blades.
For    Every    Skin
We have developed a blade for each skin type.
The difference lies in the distance of the blade to your skin.
Are you prone to irritation? Try our blades for sensitive or really sensitive skin.
Regular Skin
Sensitive Skin
Really Sensitive Skin
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