The Handle

The Boldking handle, in three different colours. So you can tell the razors apart in the bathroom.

  • Unique Boldking colours
  • Non-slip, with a soft grip
  • Includes handy suction cup
Your blade fits any handle. Always.
What's good? Re-introducing our same good-grip handle but with different looks. <br data-d> Green, white or black. Perfect if you fancy a change or to give <br data-d> to that certain someone who keeps taking your Boldking razor!
Easy-click blade.
For every surface.
Handy to hang.

Sandjal April 2021
The best razor I have used in years. And I like the material of the handle, perfect for maintenance.
K. January 2021
Simple, great designed handle with a handy suction cup to hang the razor up.
Bart September 2020
Nice blades, with a handle that holds comfortably in my hand.
Matthew June 2020
The handle comes with a nifty little suction cup which means the razor is always on hand attached to the mirror, keeping the blades fresh!
Tim September 2020
The handle is rubberised plastic, so it doesn't slip when wet. It's also very light.
Ross June 2017
The blades fit straight into the handle. They also come with a useful little sucker which one can attach the blade shaft to a mirror for storage with safely out of children's reach. Fantastic and sustainable work!