Beställ Rakset Subscription Start Set
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Subscription Start Set

Start with our BoldkingRepeat service and get fresh blades delivered as often as you’d like. All deliveries are free and you can stop the service anytime. Easy. After your first delivery, refill blades will be sent automatically at the time you prefer with more than 10% discount.

  • 100% vegan
  • For a full body shave
  • Pause or cancel whenever you want
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155,00 kr
What's good? The first delivery includes a Handle, 4 flexible Blades & free Aftershave Cream to get you started.
Very flexible.
Blades specifically designed to follow all of your not-so-straight lines for maximum comfort.
Spaced blades.
Wider spacing between blades means no clogging and easier rinsing. Plus no tugging or pulling out hair.
Aftershave Cream.
Calms your skin down after shaving. Helps to reduce any nasty razor bumps or redness.
Done shaving? Return your used blades to us in the Recycling Envelope. We'll do the rest.

What's the difference? The angle of the blades. Five micrometers to be precise, which is a thousand times smaller than one millimeter difference. Not visible with the bare eye but your skin will feel the difference.
These blades are set closest to the skin. Ideal for balanced skin that naturally has enough protection. This is the standard blade.
A safe cutting distance for skin types that require less friction during shaving. The favourite blade of Boldking users.
Really Senstive.
Set furthest back from the skin, for a real gentle shave. If you normally get ingrown hairs or razor bumps, this blade is ideal to save your shave and skin.

BoldkingRepeat This service periodically delivers Boldking products to your doorstep. You choose what, when and how often.
No fuss.
Choose the frequency that fits your shaving behaviour and you never have to worry about blunt blades anymore!
Best price.
Get your refill blades on subscription and save more than 10%. Plus, you’ll get every Repeat order delivered to your doorstep for free. That shaves just a little better.
Easy to change.
We’ll send you an email before we ship your products. Making it easy for you to postpone or skip a delivery. BoldkingRepeat can be cancelled anytime.

Ron June 2023
The best razor I have used in years. And I like the material of the handle, perfect for maintenance.
K. May 2023
Simple, great designed handle with a handy suction cup to hang the razor up.
Ross June 2017
The blades fit straight into the handle. They also come with a useful little sucker which one can attach the blade shaft to a mirror for storage with safely out of children's reach. Fantastic and sustainable work!
Bart May 2023
Nice blades, with a handle that holds comfortably in my hand.
Derri April 2022
The aftershave cream is amazing and really soothes the skin after a shave. The blades are fantastic and really provide a smooth shave being flexible to get the more stubborn areas.
Dennis December 2022
The blades are razor-sharp and the aftershave cream is perfect! No irritations whatsoever. I recommend!