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Shave & Shower Set

A ready-to-gift set with a flexible razor, some rich Foaming Shave Gel and a refreshing Shower Foam. Cleanest-present-ever.

  • 100% vegan
  • Perfect for gifting
  • Signature Boldking razor
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200,00 kr
What's inside? This box has something for everyone. Whether it’s a private foam party in the shower, an all-over shave or just a quick tidy-up. It’s all in there.
Foaming Shave Gel.
Helps to soften your hair and protect your skin as the razor can glide effortlessly over it. Giving you a friendlier shave all over. Comes in a recyclable PET can and is powered by just air.
Handle + flexible blade.
A razor with a flexible blade for regular skin follows all your curves comfortably. Whatever body part you choose to shave. It rarely misses a hair. And it comes with a handy suction cup to hold the razor when you’re not.
Shower Foam.
Full of natural ingredients to nourish and care for your skin while you have some clean honest fun with the foam. Comes in a recyclable PET can and is powered by just air.

Derri April 2022
The aftershave cream is amazing and really soothes the skin after a shave. The blades are fantastic and really provide a smooth shave being flexible to get the more stubborn areas.
van Schaik June 2022
Boldking is the perfect blade and lasts longer than my old blades. The other shaving products I also definitely recommend. It does not irritate and also smells nice. I'm hooked.
Dennis July 2023
Highly satisfied with all of the Boldking products. I use the razor, blades, aftershave and shower foam and won't switch back to another brand soon.
Jeffrey May 2023
The smooth shaving and delightful aftershave cream gives you the feeling that you’re a bold king.
Luke June 2023
Really love Boldking and the products! I am a big fan of how the shave gel, aftershave cream and shower foam smell. All round great products!
Stefan May 2023
It does what it promises ... shave blades are the best I ever used; last long and my skin stays as how it should be: unharmed and soft. In short: a shave with Boldking is like a walk in the park: easy, no stress and a lot of comfort.