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Start Set

New to Boldking? Welcome. This shaving set is made for you. It includes all you need for a great shave in a small box, so you can find out whether the Boldking shave is for you. No subscription or strings attached. But feel free to come back for more!

  • 4 flexible blades
  • Soothing aftershave cream
  • Protecting foaming shave gel
  • Rubber handle with suction cup
  • No subscription
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What's good?
Very flexible.
Blades specifically designed to follow all of your not-so-straight lines for maximum comfort.
Spaced blades.
Wider spacing between blades means no clogging and easier rinsing. Plus no tugging or pulling out hair.
Aftershave Cream.
Calms your skin down after shaving. Helps to reduce any nasty razor bumps or redness.
Foaming Shave Gel.
Protects your skin from razor bumps and upsets during shaving.

What's the difference? The angle of the blades. Five micrometers to be precise, which is a thousand times smaller than one millimeter difference. Not visible with the bare eye but your skin will feel the difference.
These blades are set closest to the skin. Ideal for balanced skin that naturally has enough protection. This is the standard blade.
A safe cutting distance for skin types that require less friction during shaving. The favourite blade of Boldking users.
Really Senstive.
Set furthest back from the skin, for a real gentle shave. If you normally get ingrown hairs or razor bumps, this blade is ideal to save your shave and skin.

Wouter August 2023
Sharper than any razor I ever used, great product!
Derri August 2023
I love boldking products, I bought their starter pack months ago and found the products to be exceptional. The shaving foam smells and leaves your skin feeling fantastic, the aftershave cream is amazing and really soothes the skin after a shave. The blades are fantastic and really provide a smooth shave being flexible to get the more stubborn areas.
Edgar January 2023
My experience is that Boldking razor blades do give a smooth shave. I can use the blades twice as long as other blades I have been using before Boldking.
van Schaik June 2022
Boldking is the perfect blade and lasts longer than my old blades. The other shaving products I also definitely recommend. It does not irritate and also smells nice. I'm hooked.
Customer June 2023
I bought my first shave set here and the website of Boldking was very clear. Really quickly I found what I needed. After I got my shave set I was very surprised about the quality of the blades.
Fred July 2023
I can shave with the boldking without making cuts on my head. It shaves smoothly and immediately bought the set for the first beard hairs of my sons.