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Travel Cap

A compact, lightweight and eco-friendly blade cover. Keep your razor safe and protected on the go, with a snug fit that ensures no accidental nicks or damage.

  • Fits all blade types
  • Made from our recycled cartridges
  • Created, developed and produced with Puik concepts
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35,00 kr
How did we do it?
The Envelope.
The journey began with this little green baggy. Customers used it to return their old Boldking blades and cartridges. We collected kilos of old material. And still do.
The Design.
Working closely with Dutch designers Puik we made plans to create a cool, sleek Blade Cap. This is what it looked like on paper (or screen). We later called it a Travel cap. So it sounded as cool as it looked.
The Travel Cap.
Voilà, a new original product made from our old products. Designed to protect your blade on the go and proof that recycling really does works!