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BoldkingRepeat Aside from one-time orders, you
can also
choose BoldkingRepeat.
A service that
periodically delivers
Boldking products to your
You choose when and how often.
Products on BoldkingRepeat are discounted.
And with free shipping. Always.
  • Extra Discount.
    Refill blades on BoldkingRepeat always come with a discount. That shaves just a little better.
  • Easy to change.
    We’ll send you a mail before we ship
    your products. Making it easy for you
    to change, postpone or skip a delivery.
    BoldkingRepeat can be paused or
    cancelled anytime.
  • Free Delivery.
    Your BoldkingRepeat order is delivered
    to your doorstep free of charge. 
    So, the shipping costs are on us.
You got this. Try our Repeat & Save Kit, with 1 handle, 4 blades on repeat,
and a free mini. All you need for your Boldking start!
Get the Repeat & Save Kit
Delivered to
your door
Boldking understands shaving in many languages. Our products are enjoyed in bathrooms all over Europe. Even as far away as Karesuando (that’s in Lapland). A good shave has no borders.
500.000+ sign-ups
11 countries
What bold people say
I shave my head every week and so far I have never experienced a brand that makes my shaving experience enjoyable but also shaves super smooth without shaving rash at the bargain. The BOLDKING knives are...
Michaël Onkelinx Heers
Has been in use for several years now, I shave 3 or 4 times a week and the blades sometimes stay good for 3 weeks. (I sometimes switch only because the stock is getting big ...) On holiday I used to...
HAS Lijesen Rijswijk
Normally I used to always use a cutting knife set of the aldi, after a TV commercial I switched to bk and this was the best choice my face had ever had. Good knives, sir...
Rick Smith Breda
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