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Aftershave Cream

Shaving demands a lot from your skin. This aftershave cream is designed to calm it down. Its natural oils help to reduce any nasty razor bumps or redness. It’s quick-drying too, so no greasy after-shine. It’s as soothing as a zen garden. Apparently.

  • Calming
  • No parabens or silicones
  • Bio-plastic sugarcane tube
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£ 8.50
What's the difference?
This gentle formula made especially for sensitive skin gives a well-deserved rest to your freshly shaven face. The carefully selected ingredients work to hydrate and restore your skin’s natural balance. The new oat-inspired ingredient SymCalmin gives extra protection to sensitive skin after shaving.
Goodbye redness. Hello calmness. This formula has a soothing effect. The combo of good ingredients like wheat germ and vitamins are great at calming, softening and hydrating the skin. It's suitable for any skin type. No harmful parabens, silicones, mineral oils or dyes. So no more tears.

What's good?
Aloe Vera.
It’s known for keeping your skin cool under pressure. Aloe vera helps to hydrate your skin, reduce infection and when it gets time, speed up wound healing. Arrrrrrrrrrr what relief!
Jojoba Oil.
A soothing ingredient that reduces redness, but it won’t stop you from blushing when someone comments on how young you look because jojoba oil is also a great anti-ageing ingredient.
Sweet Almond Oil.
It keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage, and helps your skin look like you’ve slept well after a good night out. Rested and renewed.

Jurriaan March 2019
The aftershave cream is amazing. I feel like the King of Bold after every shave!
Casper August 2023
I love the aftershave cream. It really calms your skin down. Definitely less skin irritation.
Derri January 2022
The aftershave cream is amazing and really soothes the skin after a shave.
Vid January 2023
The aftershave cream is perfect to avoid red dots.
Jonny July 2023
The after shave cream is as good as the stuff three times the price.
Luke June 2023
Really love Boldking and the products! I am a big fan of how the shave gel, aftershave cream and shower foam smell. All round great products!