Repeat & Save Kit
With this service you first receive a handle, four blades & aftershave 25ml.
After that, your new blades will automatically be delivered to your home with a discount.
£ 13.00
Choose Blade Type
What do you get? Simple shaving in one box.
However you do it.
Highly flexible and easy to clean
Non-slip, with a soft touch
A Revolutionary Blade No matter how often you shave or
what you shave.
The Boldking blade
can handle it.
Flexible. Made to reach even
those parts you can't see.
Kind. Less tugging or
pulling out your hair.
Self-cleaning. Almost.
The wider spacing makes rinsing effortless.
Extra Discount. Refill blades on BoldkingRepeat always come with a discount. That shaves just a little better.
Easy to change. We’ll send you a mail before we ship your products. Making it easy for you to change, postpone or skip a delivery. BoldkingRepeat can be paused or cancelled anytime.
Free Delivery. Your BoldkingRepeat order is delivered to your doorstep free of charge. So, the shipping costs are on us.
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