One-Time Start Pack XL

First time? Go big with this XL set. Comes with a non-slip handle, eight really flexible Blades, a Foaming Shave Gel to protect your skin and some calming Aftershave Cream. It’s all you need to enjoy a super-sized Boldking shave!

  • 100% vegan
  • No nasty ingredients
  • For a full body shave
Skin type:
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£ 33.00
What do you get? Big shaving in a small box. For however or whatever you shave.
Aftershave Cream.
Soothes and hydrates.
8 Blades.
Non-clogging, flexible blades.
Sturdy rubber Handle.
Non-slip, soft grip.
Foaming Shave Gel.
Packed with natural oils.

Dennis June 2022
Boldking is perfect for shaving my head (and other parts of my body). If you want perfect smooth result........ use boldking!!! I recommend it to every man!
Sarag February 2002
Boldking's razor blades shave easily even when the beard is longer. I am very happy with their products.
Brian June 2021
I have been using Boldking Razors for years now, they give a brilliant shave and last well. They are good value too.
Albertino February 2022
Good quality razors and shaving gel. The skincare products are also good and feel pleasant after shaving.
A. B. March 2022
Great products! First-class blades! After Shave cream is also recommended! Always fast and reliable delivery!
Sami July 2021
Razor is very nice for shaving. Foaming shave gel and aftershave cream are very nice to use and smell great! Highly recommended.