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Starter set

The perfect set to start your Boldking shaving experience

  • Set of 4 blades
  • Handle
  • Aftershave cream 25ml
  • Suction cup
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Other users rated this product 4.8/5

£13,00 with BoldkingRepeat

£15,00 without BoldkingRepeat

What do you get?

A revolutionary blade

Our blade is flexible and follows the shape of the face resulting in a better shave. Also on the hard to reach areas, like under the nose. Due to the bigger distance between the blades rinsing has become easier than ever.

Aftershave cream

Hydrates, calms and conditions the skin after shaving. This makes shaving even better.

Suction cup

Hang up your razor conveniently in the bathroom. This way you always keep your razor clean and it's easy to locate.


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3 May 2019
David Kenny
Clare Hall

Great Products

These wonderful razors provide an extremely smooth shave. In my humble opinion, they are better than the bigger mainstream brands. I'm very happy to have found Boldking and I have recommended them to family and friends.
I recommend this product!
5-7 times per week
5 Apr 2019
Steve Jones


Absolutely the best razers I've shaved with and for the price, they are fantastic! Well designed and long lasting! Well recommended for anyone looking for a decent shave and not being out of pocket either!
I recommend this product!
5-7 times per week
27 Feb 2019
Graham Bennett

Great Razor

What a great razor and the blades last much longer than others I have tried.
I recommend this product!
5-7 times per week

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