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The Kit - Regular Skin

One handle. Four blades.

  • Refill Blades 4x
  • Rubber Handle
  • Suction Cup

£14,00 with BoldkingRepeat

£16,00 without BoldkingRepeat

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What do you get?

A revolutionary blade

Our blade is flexible and follows the shape of the face resulting in a better shave. Also on the hard to reach areas, like under the nose. Due to the bigger distance between the blades rinsing has become easier than ever.

Suction cup

Hang up your razor conveniently in the bathroom. This way you always keep your razor clean and it's easy to locate.


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13 Aug 2018
Bryan Heggie

new blades

first of all have to say i was a bit scepticall about buying but thought ad give it a try used them for first time today and have got to say was very impressed closest shave ive had for a while def recomend and will def be buying more blades in future
I recommend this product!
5-7 times per week
3 Aug 2018
Malcolm Howells

Best Blades/Shave

This is the best safety razor I have ever used. The handle is light, the blades sharp and precise and the design ensures I rarely nick myself shaving. I have MS (actually CIDP a variation of MS) and my hand shakes due to the illness; this razor is so light and efficient that it makes shaving easy even for me with MS.
I recommend this product!
Once per week or less
25 Jul 2018
Chris Bridgeford

Great Product

I have just changed to BoldKIng after being with Cornerstone for a couple of years. I used to take ages to shave properly and get the close shave I wanted. Now I get the close shave pretty much first time. I thought the razor might not be as good as Cornerstone 'cos it wasn't a weighted blade but I was wrong. The blade moves around very easily and is really light to use. This does actually help me as I have a neuropathic condition which sometimes causes me grip and strength problems.
I recommend this product!
2-4 times per week

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