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4,4 average rating

  • Ruben Voogd

    January 2024

    “Good blades, reasonable price, and good delivery/service.”
  • Grigor Toranjan

    December 2023

    “Great blades!!! Better than all other brands on the market. Real King blades for real Kings!!!”
  • Mark Jones

    October 2023

    “My experience with your product has been excellent, I have tried many razors, but they either gave me razor bumps and or irritated my scalp. I have been using your product for a few years and each and every time I shave my scalp it is smoother and softer to the touch. So with that being said, I can only say thank you for your product and service.”
  • Peter

    August 2023

    “The blades are fine, stay sharp for a long time, and thus last a long time.”
  • Joy Visscher

    July 2023

    “Super blades. No other razor blades can compare.”
  • Moeilijkgedoe

    July 2023

    “Good blades, nice price, fast delivery.”
  • Paul Fisher

    April 2023

    “Although I have never used these razors blades on my face because I always have a short beard. My family jewels absolutely love them. No cuts and always smooth so definitely recommend. Arrived quickly after my order was placed, so nothing to complain about.”
  • Martijn

    April 2023

    “Nice blades, shave smoothly and easy to rinse clean.”
  • Danny

    April 2023

    “Great blades for a low price. I typically get around 8 to 9 shaves out of them. And good for the skin. Why spend 50 euros on razor blades that don't last as long and dull quicker? I will definitely order more often.”
  • Bert Kleinherenbrink

    April 2023

    “Fast delivery. Superb razor blades. Especially those for extra sensitive skin.”
  • Marcel

    January 2023

    “Great blades! I use them from head to my intimate areas, everything is beautifully smooth without any discomfort. I use each blade for about a week, so it never gets too dull. Highly recommended!”