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4,4 average rating

  • Heer Van Schaik

    May 2024

    “Boldking has the perfect razor blade and lasts longer than my old blades and other shaving products. I definitely recommend it. It doesn’t irritate and also smells great; I’m completely converted”
  • Adriano Daniele

    February 2024

    “I've been using these shaving products for a few years now, and they are excellent. I often recommend my friends to try them. You could, however, emphasize more on your recycling efforts, clarify what you do and where the green envelopes go. Other than that, great job!”
  • Klant

    February 2024

    “I've been shaving with Boldking for over 2 years now and wouldn't want anything else. It takes some time getting used to at first, but once you get used to it, you have a very smooth and perfect shave.”
  • Levi

    December 2023

    “Great website to order from. Fast delivery and, as icing on the cake, top products too. I have always had sensitive skin when it comes to shaving, but since using Boldking blades, I have had no more problems at all! Very happy with it, highly recommended.”
  • Ruud Oord

    June 2023

    “Quick delivery and this time with a long-awaited wish to have a travel set. The razor with suction cup and flexible blades is also a handy and valuable attribute on holiday.”