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BoldkingRepeat Aside from one-time orders, you
can also
choose BoldkingRepeat.
A service that
periodically delivers
Boldking products to your
You choose when and how often.
Products on BoldkingRepeat are discounted.
And with free shipping. Always.
  • Extra Discount.
    Refill blades on BoldkingRepeat always come with a discount. That shaves just a little better.
  • Easy to change.
    We’ll send you a mail before we ship
    your products. Making it easy for you
    to change, postpone or skip a delivery.
    BoldkingRepeat can be paused or
    cancelled anytime.
  • Free Delivery.
    Your BoldkingRepeat order is delivered
    to your doorstep free of charge. 
    So, the shipping costs are on us.
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Boldking understands shaving in many languages. Our products are enjoyed in bathrooms all over Europe. Even as far away as Karesuando (that’s in Lapland). A good shave has no borders.
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What bold people say
I shave my head every week and so far I have never experienced a brand that makes my shaving experience enjoyable but also shaves super smooth without shaving rash at the bargain...
Michaël Onkelinx Heers
Has been in use for several years now, I shave 3 or 4 times a week and the blades sometimes stay good for 3 weeks. (I sometimes switch only because the stock is getting big ...) On holiday I used to...
HAS Lijesen Rijswijk
Normally I used to always use a cutting knife set of the aldi, after a TV commercial I switched to bk and this was the best choice my face had ever had. Good knives, sir...
Rick Smith Breda
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