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The Giftbox

This Giftbox contains all Boldking shaving and shower favourites. To get out of the bathroom smooth, fresh and clean again. Wrapped in a nice box. Gift anyone the joy of a great shave or a nourishing foam party they will never forget!

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£ 26.00
What do you get?
Handle and Flexible Blade.
A razor with a flexible blade for regular skin. Follows all your curves comfortably. Whatever body part you choose to shave. It rarely misses a hair. And it comes with a handy suction cup to hold the razor when you’re not.
Aftershave Cream.
Shaving demands a lot from your skin. This aftershave cream is designed to calm it down. Its natural oils help to reduce any nasty razor bumps or redness. It’s quick-drying too, so no greasy after-shine. It’s as soothing as a zen garden. Apparently.
Foaming Shave Gel.
Helps to soften your hair and protect your skin while the razor glides effortlessly over it. Giving you a friendlier shave all over. Comes in a recyclable PET can and is powered by just air.
Shower Foam.
Full of natural ingredients to nourish and care for your skin while you have some clean honest fun with the foam. Comes in a recyclable PET can and is powered by just air.