Shaving Set Regular
Shaving Set Regular
Shaving Set Regular


Shaving Set Regular
Shaving Set Regular
Shaving Set Regular

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Shaving Set For Regular Skin

    • Everything you need to kickstart your shaving routine: a handle, 2 razor blades, Foaming Shave Gel, and an Aftershave Cream. Opt for Subscribe and Save? You'll receive new blades automatically as often as you want. Free delivery, and you can cancel anytime. Plus, after your first order, enjoy a 10% discount on refill blades delivered straight to your doorstep.

      • Flexible, full-body razor

      • 100% vegan products

      • Cancel or adjust your BoldkingRepeat any time

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    Shaving Set Regular

    Shaving Set For Regular Skin

    • Normal

      These standard blades sit closest to your skin, perfect if you prefer a traditional, no-fuss shave. Ideal for steady skin that appreciates a close shave without any dramas.
    • Sensitive

      These blades maintain a safe distance from sensitive skin. Giving a more comfortable shave for anyone looking for a gentler shaving experience.
    • Really sensitive

      These blades sit further back for the most delicate of skin types. We only recommend really sensitive if you’re prone to skin eruptions like irritation, ingrown hairs, or razor bumps.

    Our shaving tips for you!

    • Take care of your skin

      After shaving, it's best to care for your skin with an aftershave cream. This moisturizes and soothes the skin, preventing skin irritation.

    • Comfortable shave

      The foaming shave gel helps to soften the hairs and ensures that your blade glides easily over the skin. This makes it easier to shave the hairs and reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs and other shaving irritations.

    • Apply a little less pressure

      The Boldking razor may seem a bit light, but don't underestimate it. You don't need to exert much force for a smooth shave.

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    4,4 average rating

    • Valentijn

      November 2023

      “I have a subscription and receive a reminder a few days before they send the blades, I can still adjust everything. As easy as you want it as a customer, you get it.”
    • Grigor

      December 2023

      “Great blades!!! Better than all other brands on the market. Real King blades for real Kings!!!”
    • Malon

      October 2023

      “Razor is really nice! Best I've tried so far as a woman. My husband also uses the facial care products. Always an extra self-care moment for him. Expected communication to be faster when the package is packed and ready to send. You are also welcome to give the packages as gifts during the holidays, they are always well received!”
    • Peter

      November 2023

      “Since 2016 I have been using all Boldking stuff. Have all kinds of shower, deodorant, shaving and care supplies in the bathroom. And recently also their thickening shampoo. Another top product from Boldking. The only thing I'm actually missing is a Boldking eau de toilette to complete it. No other brand for me anymore.”
    • Greetje

      December 2023

      “Ordered a gift package. Got there earlier than expected (which is always nice). Beautiful products. Have been fans of the Boldking razor blades for a long time.”
    • Levi

      December 2023

      “Great website to order from. Fast delivery and, as the icing on the cake, top products as well. Always had sensitive skin when it comes to shaving, but since using the razors from Boldking, I haven't had any problems anymore! Very happy with it, definitely recommended!”