Handle  & Blade Regular
Handle  & Blade Regular
Handle  & Blade Regular


Handle  & Blade Regular
Handle  & Blade Regular
Handle  & Blade Regular

4 reviews

Razor For Regular Skin

    • The Boldking handle and blade. Available for three different skin types.

      • Unique Boldking colours

      • Non-slip, with a soft grip

      • Includes handy suction cup

    • Choose your skin type:

    • Handle  & Blade Regular

      Razor For Regular Skin


    Handle  & Blade Regular

    Razor For Regular Skin


    The difference

    • Normal

      These standard blades sit closest to your skin, perfect if you prefer a traditional, no-fuss shave. Ideal for steady skin that appreciates a close shave without any dramas.
    • Sensitive

      These blades maintain a safe distance from sensitive skin. Giving a more comfortable shave for anyone looking for a gentler shaving experience.
    • Really sensitive

      These blades sit further back for the most delicate of skin types. We only recommend really sensitive if you’re prone to skin eruptions like irritation, ingrown hairs, or razor bumps.

    Our blades

    • They are very flexible

      The flexible razor blades are specially designed to follow your not-so-straight lines. They effortlessly adapt to your skin surface.

    • Have extra space

      This prevents clogging and rinses clean easily. And doesn't pull your hair.

    • They are recyclable

      Finished shaving? Send your used razor blades back to us in the Recycling Envelope. We'll take care of the rest.

    We are proud of

    What our community says

    4,4 average rating

    • Rebekka Rompelman

      May 2024

      “The razor itself is made of sturdy material, has a bit of flexibility, and is comfortable to hold. The razor blade itself lasts long and is very sharp.”
    • Max

      March 2023

      “Nice flexible razor blades that shave smoothly. I'm almost bald and use these blades to shave my sensitive scalp. It goes smoothly and easily every time. Nice blades that are easy to handle in combination with the holder. I've been using this with full satisfaction for years.”
    • Klant

      August 2022

      “More than 3 years ago, I started using Boldking. It's a perfect razor. The blade is easy to use. My skin looks dry and with other razors there were constant cuts. This razor is excellent. Thank you very much.”
    • Ester

      May 2022

      “Super nice razor, fits very well in the hand and stays sharp for a long time.”