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Shower Foam.
A shower foam that nourishes
your skin. Alcohol-free.
/ 200ml
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Cleans you up. Washing away the day or cleaning up for the next one? We've got you covered, literally.
Foam Up.
Have Fun.
Foamy Extra-foamy making soaping
up under
the shower
easier and more fun.
Produced Pure Contains almond oil and prickly pear
oil, to prepare and protect the skin.
Aeropack Powered by air instead of harmful gasses.
Get every
last drop out of a bottle.
And it’s easier to recycle.
What’s good.
Clean facts.
No alcohol. No parabens. Just almond oil, prickly pear oil and fun Lots of it.
How does foam, foam?
You + air + water + Coco-Glucoside. (that’s the foamy stuff, made from coconut oil) Rub it all over and feel the nourishing foam go to work.