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Shower Foam

This gentle gel gets all nice and foamy under the shower. So a little bit goes a long way. The natural ingredients will leave your skin feeling cared for, nourished and, of course, clean. And as you towel off you’ll get a whiff of something nice. You.

  • 100% vegan
  • No SLS, parabens or alcohol
  • Powered by clean air. No harmfull gasses
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€ 8,50
Note: We’re working on new packaging so if you receive something that looks different from the one you see here. Don’t worry! It’s the same stuff, just a little cooler.
What's good?
Works into a thick soothing lather that allows the almond oil and prickly pear to hydrate your skin. That's what we call indulgence, gents!
Refreshing scent.
The gentle natural ingredients are kind to delicate skin types. And the cosy lather will leave your skin and you feeling and smelling fresh and energised.
Recyclable packaging.
Made from recyclable PET and powered by good clean air. That makes it great for squeezing out every last foamy drop from the can.

What's that smell? Scent. Perfume. Fragrance. Whatever you call it, we have different ones to choose from.
Smell fresh and sharp like you’ve just left the gym in a newly pressed suit. Well, sort of! The only true way to know what it smells like is... err to smell it.
Smell warm and woody like you’ve been walking barefoot through the long, gentle grasses of the tropics. Well, maybe! It smells different for everyone and on everyone.
Smell sweet and floral like you've been sunbathing under an orange blossom tree somewhere in Italy. But you gotta try it to really get that holiday feeling.

Packaging Honest skincare products need honest packaging. So choosing Airopack’s air-pressurised dispenser made of recycled PET, was a no brainer for us.
Powered by clean air.
No harmfull gasses. Healthier for you, your bathroom routine and the environment.
Sustainable and transparent.
Made of clear recyclable PET so it’s easy to see how much you have used and when you need to restock and recycle.
360-degree spray.
Works at whatever angle you hold it and lets you get the most out of our product thanks to the handy piston.

Peter February 2023
Love the shower foam!
Luke June 2023
Really love Boldking and the products! I am a big fan of how the shave gel, aftershave cream and shower foam smell. All round great products!
Dennis July 2023
Highly satisfied with all of the Boldking products. I use the razor, blades, aftershave and shower foam and won't switch back to another brand soon.
Piet May 2023
Happy customer. Great stuff, happy with deodorant, razors and showerfoam!!!
Frans June 2023
I recently bought the showerfoam - it is very refreshing.
Aduf July 2023
Shower foam is wonderfully soft and smells great.