Aftershave Cream Original 100ml
Aftershave Cream Original 100ml
Aftershave Cream Original 100ml


Aftershave Cream Original 100ml
Aftershave Cream Original 100ml
Aftershave Cream Original 100ml

12 reviews

Aftershave Cream Original

  • Our favorite
  • Treat your skin post-shave with our quick-drying, nature-inspired cream. Calms razor bumps and leaves no greasy aftermath. Zen garden vibes, guaranteed.

    • 100% vegan

    • No parabens or silicones

    • Bio-plastic sugarcane tube

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Aftershave Cream Original 100ml

Aftershave Cream Original


The difference

  • Normal

    This formula consists of a combination of good ingredients such as wheat germ and vitamins. They are good at calming, softening, and hydrating the skin.
  • Sensitive

    This gentle formula is specially made for sensitive skin. The oat-inspired ingredient SymCalmin provides extra protection for sensitive skin after shaving.

What makes this Aftershave cream so good?

  • Calms you

    The secret ingredient (shh!) is Panthenol, also known as vitamin B5. It's anti-inflammatory and works so well that even tattoo artists use it after tattooing! Goodbye redness. Hello calmness.

  • Nurturing effect

    The combination of good ingredients like wheat germ, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid (it's natural, we promise) is good at soothing, softening, and moisturizing the skin.

  • Suitable for all skin types

    Tested on the most sensitive skin types. No harmful parabens, silicones, mineral oils, or dyes. So the tears can be dried.

We are proud of

What our community says

4,4 average rating

  • Levi

    December 2023

    “Great website to order from. Fast delivery and, as the icing on the cake, top products as well. Always had sensitive skin when it comes to shaving, but since using the razors from Boldking, I haven't had any problems anymore! Very happy with it, definitely recommended!”
  • Greetje

    December 2023

    “Ordered a gift package. Got there earlier than expected (which is always nice). Beautiful products. Have been fans of the Boldking razor blades for a long time.”
  • Peter

    November 2023

    “Since 2016 I have been using all Boldking stuff. Have all kinds of shower, deodorant, shaving and care supplies in the bathroom. And recently also their thickening shampoo. Another top product from Boldking. The only thing I'm actually missing is a Boldking eau de toilette to complete it. No other brand for me anymore.”
  • Malon

    October 2023

    “Razor is really nice! Best I've tried so far as a woman. My husband also uses the facial care products. Always an extra self-care moment for him. Expected communication to be faster when the package is packed and ready to send. You are also welcome to give the packages as gifts during the holidays, they are always well received!”
  • Grigor

    December 2023

    “Great blades!!! Better than all other brands on the market. Real King blades for real Kings!!!”
  • Max

    March 2023

    “Nice flexible razor blades that shave smoothly. I am almost bald and use these blades to shave my sensitive scalp. That goes easily and smoothly every time. Good blades that are easy to use in combination with the holder. Have been using this for years with complete satisfaction.”
  • Igor

    August 2023

    “Deliveries are always on time, and the subscription formula ensures that you never run out of blades. The blades shave super close and are very easy to use. .”
  • Valentijn

    November 2023

    “I have a subscription and receive a reminder a few days before they send the blades, I can still adjust everything. As easy as you want it as a customer, you get it.”
  • Jeroen

    December 2022

    “I've been a customer at Boldking since 2016 and that's going to continue, no more hassle with getting razors, just perfectly tailored to your own needs. The website is clear and easy to navigate. Keep it up!”
  • Bram

    February 2023

    “A few years ago I started looking for different and better shaving options because I kept having irritation and wounds. I then came to the Boldking site and tried it out straight away. Since then I have been completely sold. No more irritations, no more wounds. The products are simply top notch. I don't use anything else anymore.”
  • Nathaniel

    November 2022

    “Great products that are definitely worth 5 stars. The razor shaves well without causing any irritation to the skin. Additionally, I am very pleased with the shaving products, and they are easy to use. Furthermore, the website provides clear information about shaving techniques, ingredients, and which variant is suitable for what. I highly recommend Boldking to anyone looking for a pleasant shaving experience.”